PTC Catalog Table of Contents

The table below lists the currently available Progress Tracking Cards (PTCs) with a brief description of their goals.


Title Goal(s)
Adopt Automated Correctness Testing in a Legacy Software Project Adoption of automated testing for a legacy software project that has no automated tests at the beginning (e.g., where testing is done manually or only tested against customer codes).
Agile Adoption Team begins with Kanban and adopts additional processes in response to specific team needs.
Algorithm Productization Checklist A VTK-m filter for ALPINE in situ algorithm users.
Adopting Consistent Coding Standards Steadily convert the codebase over to an agreed-upon standard.
Build a Local Community of Practice Build a local community around your software project.
Continuous Integration Testing is run at appropriate times without human involvement and reports are direct and concise.
Creating Community Policies Community software policies (and process for revisin over time)
Developer Documentation Create documentation for use by the developers of a software project
Using Epics in Jira for Tracking and Collaboration All team members use Jira Epics to communicate work.
Evaluate and Use an Issue Tracker Identify an issue tracking system which fits the team’s needs.
Adopt A Git Workflow that Supports Testing and Peer-review Transition from a basic Git workflow to a collaborative workflow that supports testing and peer-review.
Improving Project Visibility: Using a Communication Plan Improve a project’s visibility to the community
Integrated Software Documentation Ensure that the user/developer documentation is fully integrated with the associated software.
Using Issues on GitHub/GitLab for Design and Development  
Multi-System Performance Testing Regular, automated testing at on all target platforms.
Onboarding A New Team Member Create an onboarding process for new team members.
Open Source Software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.
Tracking and Adjusting to Progress in Peer Projects According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify one’s plans. (Sun Tzu)
Performance Regression Testing To develop test suites that exercise performance capabilities and plans for how to make practical use of that performance data.
Licensing Your Software Selecting and Implementing a License for your Software.
Source Management Use Source Management System (SMS).
THG Coding Standards Steadily convert the codebase over to an agreed-upon stand.
THG GitHub Migration Transition from a collaborative Git workflow that supports only non-CI testing to one that supports low-cost CI testing and is transparent to community contributors.
THG Reference Manual Create end-user documentation for the HDF5 library.
Test Coverage  
Test Driven Development Team transitions from a traditional development process to a test driven development process.
Transitioning to Git Revision Control Transition to using Git for revision control and basic Git usage.
Transmedia Learning Framework for Git Learn Git enough to more efficiently recall functionality on demand.
Transmedia Learning Framework for Python Learn Python enough to more efficiently recall functionality on demand.
Promote User Confidence in Software Updates Ensure users are confident of application performance and behavior changes made by an update/new release.
End-user Documentation Create end-user documentation for a software project